I’m sick. I have a horrible cold or virus or whatever & have been congested & achy & coughing for almost 3 days now. I’m exhausted & drugged up on DayQuil & NyQuil & still feel awful.

I’ve read 4 books on my Kindle, which I think I enjoyed despite remembering nothing about any of them.

The song “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald “ keeps looping in my head, along with “Hopelessly Devoted to You” from Grease.

I can’t sleep due to the roaring congestion in my ears, so I’ve decamped to the guest room downstairs with my faithful dog, Jack.

At 2AM, after wandering the house like a ghost, I lay down in the hallway & listened to the alternating snores of my husband & son. They’re very in sync.

At 4AM I sat on the floor of the utility room drinking kombucha & eating pumpkin seeds in the pale glow of the washer & dryer signal lights.

At 6AM, Jack & I watched several YouTube videos about knife making. He thinks in the next life he’ll be a blacksmith.

This afternoon I made a list of all the English words I could think of that have the “mn” combination in them. (I got over 100.) (English major.)

Illness does not become me. I’m really pale & confused & pitiful. Lest you think I’m a total animal, please know that I did brush my hair & my teeth, twice at least.

I think if I was a pioneer I would have died within a week of my family purchasing their covered wagon.

Please don’t tell me to get a Neti pot. I watched videos about that, too, & it’s just not going to happen.

©NLWalsh, all rights reserved.

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